PT 5
Redefine painless treatment

New, even more delicate

Technological reformation for decades
Create epochal competitive products

Frequency 28000-42000HZ

Tip Hardness 30HRC

Amplitude 20-60μm

Treatment depth 14mm

Detail, originates from attitude.

Autoclaved Handle bracket to prevent cross infection
Concentrate on the perfection of details
Serve you wholeheartedly

Pure color highlights
authentic product

With pure white jade
as the main body color,
Pure white design,
simple but elegant
rectilinear design couples
with splendid arch
Bring out the best
in each other

Endo: Fast & Complete

Periodontal and endo

Removing dental plaque and calculus.Consolidating treatment efficiency
The root canal file at the moment of cavitation generated within the root canal,
The effect of air flow and synergy could significantly improve the flushing effect of the apical 1/3 area,
To minimize the root tip leakage, improve the success rate of root canal therapy.

Elliptical vibration locus with polishing effect

The amplitude of scaling tip is 20-60μm, being equal to the third of a single hair diameter.
Disperse collision between tip and teeth, achieving 360° all-angle scaling
Accomplish scaling and polishing simultaneously

Auto-water supply system

Transparent feed tank, clear scale mark
The application of Hydrogen peroxide,
sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine is available under
auto-water supply mode to improve clinic treatment efficiency

Lighten for salute.

Sealed handpiece with light
Handpiece sleeve can be autoclaved, avoiding cross-infection
Durable life span, far ahead of the other similar products

Distinctive intelligent touching technique system

Clear control panel
12-level power setting, exterior and automatic water supply mode
Clear and easy to operate
Ultra-sensitive, waterproof design
Using stickers, wearing gloves bring no effect.

Titanium scaling tip

Lower hardness than cementum, enamel,More elastic, more comfortable。
Hardness of titanium scaling tip: HRC30 Hardness of cementum: HRC30-40 Hardness of enamel: HRC50-60 Hardness of stainless steel:HRC50

Multiple facilities make perfect.

Equipped with: 2 handpieces,15 tips,2 torque wenches,2 disinfection kits。
Everlasting pursuit for Perfect
We never stop