Ultrasonic scaler
Scientific strength with multiple functionalities
Let 'have both fish and bear's paw "possible.
power output

Integrate supragingival scaling

subgingival scaling
reconstruction of minimal damnification
implant maintenance
and root canal therapy into a whole

Intelligent touching system

Clear control panel
Waterproof design

Endo: Fast & Complete

Intelligent negative feedback
More effective scaling

In accordance with different tooth surface, intelligent degenerative feedback will automatically output accurate power to the tip. Stable and sustained scaling in the calcification removing process brings you professional operating experience.

Sine wave drive

Avoiding stimulation caused by instantaneous current output; ensuring comfortable treatment.

Automatic water Supply System

Easy to change water
Increase work efficiency
Hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and chlorhexidine is available
Clear 50ml scale mark makes it convenient for formulating liquid

Perfect combination of comfort and efficiency

Clear touch control panel
Clear power regulation and mode selection