Air polishing+ Ultrasonic periodontal treatment + Endodontic treatment + Implant maintenance, Efficient and comfortable plaque removal
product details
technical parameter

    Power adapter input: 220-240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 400mA
    Power adapter output: 25V~ 50Hz/60Hz 2.8A
    Main unit input: 25V~ 50Hz/60Hz 2.8A
    Output main vibration offset of tip (maximum): 90μm; Deviation: +50%
    Output vibrating frequency of tip: 30±5kHz
    Output semi- (maximum)offset force: 5N Deviation: +50%
    Output power of tip: 3W~20W
    Main unit fuse: T5AH 250V
    Power adapter fuse: T1.0AL250V
    Water inlet pressure: 1bar~5bar (0.1MPa~0.5MPa)
    Air inlet pressure: 5.5bar~7.5bar (0.55MPa~0.75MPa)
    ater outlet temperature of air polishing system: 0~45℃
    Main unit weight: 2.75Kg
    Main unit size: 330mm×280mm×120mm

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PT-A product manual
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